Hello, I’m Rahul, currently working as an Engineer Manager at Unacademy, currently living in Bangalore.

My job requires me to mostly code in Python, node, and Golang, apart from the backend, I have worked on frontend frameworks like angular.js and polymer. Scale and distributed systems fascinate me, one of the main motives of creating this blog was to read up and write on systems that scale.

Recently, as a hobby, I started learning and coding in VIM, however, I quickly realized, that with all the added plugins, I was making it more PyCharmish so I switched back, but Vim or any other shell editor is worth learning.

I like to think of myself as a traveler, have done a few solo trips as well. IMO, solo trips are overrated. My dream job would be to get paid for traveling and enjoying different cultures 😅. An ideal travel destination for me would be a nice clean secluded beach with blue water and white sand or a valley with long pine trees and a narrow trail. However, between beaches and mountains, I like mountains more. My Everest Base Camp trip got canceled twice in this pandemic. Hope to go there 1 day 🤞.

Back home, more than reading books, I am more of an avid book collector. Somehow, I keep buying books and I never finish them. Of the 10 books I start, I hardly finish 2-3 books, have to improve on this habit though. The books I read range from Philosophy to Classics to Fiction. The last book I read was Tuesdays with Morrie. Also, I have been a long-time podcast listener of the likes of Jordan Peterson and Sam Harris kind.

Feel free to reach out to me at realrahulmishra@gmail.com or connect at LinkedIn or CodeMentor.